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And yes, even "buzzed driving" is still drunk driving and can be just as dangerous. This fatality rate is 25 times that of the U. Here are some safe driving tips: In the case of serious injury, the compensation would be Rs 50, The whole purpose of an interstate highway system is to drive fast.


Call or the local police immediately They'll dispatch an officer and medical personnel to the scene of the accident. It is done by psychologists, engineers, doctors, sociologists, vehicle experts, etc. Damage to properties and much more, lost of life. If you hear a siren coming behind you, pull to the side if you can, stop and wait until the police car or fire truck goes by.

As per the new bill, motor insurance claims have to be filed within a year of the accident. Moving toll booths to exits is a good start; eliminating them entirely and paying for roads with ordinary taxes is better you could still make long-haul trucks pull off to pay, as with weigh stations.

Drivers often have ready cash as they are paid on daily basis and so it makes far easier to have access to alcohol or drugs. The Injury surveillance system aims at collecting relevant information from a large number of participating organizations in a uniform way to understand injury profiles and characteristics.

The carnage has to be stopped. I've explained before how speeding really isn't a problem. Road transport in India is very popular for various reasons, but the conditions of the Indian roads are very poor and deplorable.

Discussion essay on internet revolutionary inventions cancer research papers nyc foreign investment in developing countries essay. The sight of blood was really horrible. Adopt antiskid break systems in the cars, so that the risk of cars skidding can be reduced. Traffic rules have been designed with safety foremost in mind.

Then there are un-manned level-crossings across the railway lines. The number of fatal and disabling road accident happening is increasing day by day and is a real public health challenge for all the concerned agencies to prevent it.

Have items needed within easy reach — such as toll fees, toll cards and garage passes. Suddenly people remembered the Jeep and the driver who was now apologizing frantically. Vehicle must be in good working condition- there should be no compromise on the quality of brakes and tyres.

Then do these five things: Private car owners and youngsters are also major players in the game. Redesign bad intersections If a crosswalk or lighting doesn't do the trick, a troublesome intersection may simply be designed badly.

The number of vehicles in Delhi alone was Effects of Traffic Accidents Traffic accidents can cause physical, financial and mental effects for everyone involved.

The highest burden of injuries and fatalities is borne disproportionately by poor people, as they are mostly pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers of buses and minibuses. Hundreds of people in India die in such accidents.

Paying for essay writing my hobby teenage crimes essay xenophobia? It is especially important to lower speed while nearing schools, on narrow roads, hilly areas, rural areas and when visibility is poor.

But Indian roads in cities, towns and those connecting them have been in a very poor condition.Apr 16,  · Checking emails is a top priority for Americans and since many havsmartphonees, they will do it on the road as well as send text are many laws being established to try to prevent.

Even though we cannot prevent the accidents Accident, Accidents, Road Words | 2 Pages. Open Document. How to Reduce Road Accident. Steps to be taken for Preventing Road Accidents • Most important method to bring down accidents is strict Essay on Road Accidents!! Crash Essay Crash Thumb Movie The Frontline Car Conclusion Airplane Analysis Plane Narrative Topics Snow Essays Racism Questions Thesis.

Traffic Accident Essay. Road rage is a major problem in the United States, anger causes stress, fear, and accidents to our roadways everyday.

In this essay we will define road rage, look at the causes and effects, and come up with solutions on how to avoid an altercation with an aggressive driver who has road rage. Welcome! L-J Ranch is nestled in the heart of the Pine River Valley, in Bayfield Colorado.

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For over sixty years this working cattle ranch has been providing the community with the highest quality Natural Beef and other treasures. How to prevent Road Accidents - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Essays on how to prevent road accidents
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