An introduction to the history of the ebonics debate

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Ebonics (word)

Hooked on Ebonics, p. Perhaps overemphasis on the influence of African languages in the development of African-American English has not helped dispel these myths. Some quite contrasting views on the concept of Ebonics, often dividing along ideological lines, which provides us with a most disturbing message; The opinion lies in the skin colour of the beholder.

It was found that many black underachievers resist the dominant cultural norms by avoidance and in turn by not going to class or doing homework; these students fail or drop out [56]. Both movements are based on a genuine desire to induce an awareness of respect, to make a more dignified world.

Ebonics speakers understand normal English, and they use it's vocabulary. For example you can take the Chinese and the Japanese. Ebonics further segregates an already racially divided school district.

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Technically speaking, Ebonics is the vernacular style of The English language spoken by Afro-Americans. According to the Dec.

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The overly stereotyped and misinterpreted marker of Ebonics. Code switching refers to speakers switching from one dialect to another [44]. The recommendations of the Task Force establish English language proficiency as the foundation for competency in all academic areas.

Examine your points carefully. As a result, generations of white citizens maligned or mocked speakers of AAVE, casting doubt on their intelligence and making their distinctive speaking patterns the object of racist ridicule.

The more we focus on ethnic background and not educational needs, the more we may be hurting those we want to help-perhaps stigmatizing them even more. The idea of teaching standard English as a non-native variety is certainly a good move; after all, standard English is native to very few.

In it, he classified Ebonics as the …linguistic and paralinguistic features which on a concentric continuum represent the communicative competence of the West African, Caribbean, and United States slave descendant of African origin.

And if African-American youngsters are the majority of those who wind up in special needs programs, this may reveal some negative aspect of our society that in, itself deserves attention.

Report this Argument Con I am con, so i support the fact that ebonics is not a real language, rather an imbaresment to the african-american race to say that the mispronunciation of words among african-american citizens is so mis-understood that it becomes so foriegn to other American citizens that it has to become considered a complete different language.

Also, the proper evaluation for students needs to be in place since this would eliminate the bias and wrongly accused deficiency that a standardized test would detail an Ebonics speaker to have [57].

Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. Find out what parts of the introduction work, if the language is right, and if the tone is proper. According to this definition, Ebonics can be considered a dialect of the English language. Excerpt from the original 'Declaration of Ebonics': Indeed, the best available evidence regarding Ebonics usage in the United States i.

Your introduction should take the best points you prepared in your debate, without actually using them up front. At times this could be a benefit in a capitalist world of communication but the opposition argues the negative effects on cultural identity and confusion.

Oakland Unified School District is providing its teachers and parents with the tools to address the diverse languages the children bring into the classroom. But they are 71 percent of special education students and only 37 percent of students in gifted and talented classes.

Specifically it appears to come from a resentment towards Asian immigrants in California who learn English from federally funded programs" Ebonics Pseudo- Intellectualism for the masses, The issue about federal funds, is by many seen as one of the primary reason behind the Oakland School Boards decision.

It is, though, studiesd by professional linguists because it has interesting patterns. Oakland has gone too far. Be "an international construct, including the linguistic consequences of the African slave trade"; [10] 2. We need to give a clear definition to our language There is evidence from Sweden, the US, and other countries that speakers of other varieties can be aided in their learning of the standard variety by pedagogical approaches which recognize the legitimacy of the other varieties of a language.

Gabe Kaimowitz, lead counsel for the Plaintiffs, alleged that the students were denied equal protection of the laws, because applicable Michigan regulations did not recognize social, economic and cultural factors differing those pupils from others.

Attention have been focused where it has not been and where in this case it badly needs to be.Ebonics (a blend of the words ebony and phonics) is a term that was originally intended to refer to the language of all people descended from enslaved Black Africans, particularly in West Africa, the Caribbean, and North America.

- Introduction The debate on Ebonics has virtually left the media spotlight. The proposal by the Oakland School District in early to use Ebonics to help African-American children learn Standard English met with much opposition.

The Oakland School Board’s December 18, proposal to recognize "Ebonics," often known as African American Vernacular English or Black English Vernacular, raised a storm of protest from around the country. In this piece and in this month’s Society for Linguistic Anthropology column, a number.

Essay about Ebonics. Words 15 Pages. Ebonics INTRODUCTION The main topic of this paper is the USA, and I have chosen to concentrate on a fairly new issue, the language know as Ebonics.


Ebonics Debate Comes to Capitol Hill Magazine Articles All of the above listed articles are from the Washington Post. The art of the debate is something that has been practiced among people for centuries.

Like any performance or conversation though, the introduction to a debate is the most important part. Introduction & History.


Ebonics refers to a unique and interesting English dialect that has captured a lot of attention in film, media, and academics. Ebonics integration was met with tons of critical debate. Mostly, people who seen Ebonics as being “laziness”, Psycholinguistics/Ebonics with your signature.

An introduction to the history of the ebonics debate
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